Ongoing projects
Acronym Project Start Date
DeST Deep Semantic Tagger 01/10/2018
RESISTIR Sistema de Informação para controlo de infecção inteligente e antibioterapia personalizada 01/04/2016
Closed projects
Acronym Project Start Date
Biobank Cloud Scalable, Secure Storage of Biobank Data 01/12/2012
SOMER SOMER - Semantic Ontology Matching using External Resources 19/03/2012
SP-Net SP-Net - In silico reconstruction of Streptococcus pneumoniae cellular networks and their impact on virulence 01/01/2011
REACTION Retrieval, Extraction, and Aggregation Computing Technology for Integrating and Organizing News 01/01/2010
EPIWork EPIWork - Developing the Framwork for an Epidemic Forecast Infrastructure 01/02/2009
ARN Algorithms for the identification of genetic Regulatory Networks 01/11/2007