Ongoing projects
Acronym Project Start Date
NORTH Non-intrusive Observation and RunTime verification of cyber-pHysical systems 01/01/2017
Abyss Autonomic Byzantine Fault-Tolerant Systems 01/07/2016
CONFIDENT Communication Contracts for Distributed Systems Development 01/05/2016
Closed projects
Acronym Project Start Date
SANS Self-Adaptating NoSQL Stores 02/01/2015
ARTS ARTS - Towards Autonomic Road Transport Support Systems 22/09/2011
ADAAS ADAAS - Assuring Dependability in Architecture-based Adaptive Systems 01/10/2010
QUEST A Quest for Reliability in Generic Software Components 01/01/2010
AssertionTypes Assertion Types for Object-Oriented Programming 01/01/2010
REDICO Dynamic Reconfiguration of Communication Protocols 01/10/2007
SENSORIA SENSORIA - Software Engineering for Service-Oriented Overlay Computers 01/09/2005