LASIGE members have been selected to host prestigious conferences in their fields

Several of LASIGE members have recently been appointed as the main organizers of prestigious conferences in their respective fields:

  • Vasco T Vasconcelos has been selected as the General Chair for next year's edition of POPL, the most influential international conference in the area of programming languages.
  • Teresa Chamber has been appointed as a General Chair for this year's edition of ACM TVX, the leading international conference for research into online video, TV interaction and user experience.
  • Nuno Neves is the General Chair for 2018's edition of Ada-Europe, a conference on Reliability Software Techniques. António Casimiro, José Rufino and Pedro Ferreira are also part of the organization as Program, Industrial and Publication chairs respectively.
  • Francisco Martins has also been selected as a General Chair for INFORUM 2018, the main Computer Science event in Portugal.
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