LASIGE - Large-Scale Informatics Systems Laboratory is a research unit at the Department of Informatics, Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisboa.

LASIGE has approximately 110 collaborators, amongst researchers with a doctoral degree, working toward a Ph.D., or Master students and other junior researchers. The current Director is Prof.Luís Carriço.

LASIGE develops activities in a number of relevant areas of computer science and engineering (CSE), including:

  • human-computer interaction and multimedia;
  • information management, net-centric, parallel and distributed computing;
  • software engineering;
  • security and dependability.

The activities of LASIGE represent an added value to the Portuguese and European S&TS (science and technology system) tissue, materialized by several factors:

  • Quality, quantity and impact of the outputs in research, technology transfer and advanced training.
  • Relevant comparative standing in the Portuguese S&TS tissue.
  • Alignment with state-of-the-art international research themes and agendas (e.g. Horizon-2020), increasing impact and promoting prospective industrial exploitation.

LASIGE’s scientific skills have been best evidenced in face of extremes: extreme levels of threat; extremely low software defect requirements; extreme operating conditions; extreme uncertainty and dynamics; extremely large-scale data sets, flows and computations. These matters are addressed by all research groups without exception, representing a powerful differentiating factor of the lab:

Extreme Computing - computer science and engineering pushed to the extremes of functional and non-functional properties of systems